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Precision Proofreading

At Precision Proofreading, I will help you clearly communicate your ideas by correcting punctuation, improving grammar, polishing vocabulary, and refining syntax...in books or e-books, blog posts or marketing material, theses or academic papers...always giving you the words you need to succeed!


A Bit About Me

I am a retired Language Arts teacher with thirty years of classroom experience…a proofreader with a keen eye for detail and with unwavering focus.  If I were to count, I would probably discover that I have proofread over a thousand pieces of writing-from poems to essays and from student theses to resumes-which qualifies as the best type of experience possible!   I have always been passionate about reading, writing, and the rules that guide both...the Rules of the English Language. 

Upon retirement, I decided to launch a freelance proofreading business which has proven to be incredibly exciting!  I love engaging with the projects on which I work, and I am honored to contribute to every final product.  I also gain a feeling of accomplishment knowing that my attention to the smaller details has freed-up time for my clients to focus on the important details…that of running a successful business!



I will gladly review any of the following:

·         Books and eBooks 

·         Blog posts and white papers

·         Marketing materials

·         ​Legal documents 

·         ​Students’ theses

·         Transcripts

·         Academic papers

·         ​Contracts

·         Resumes

·         ​Press releases

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Recent Projects...

Project Gutenberg

This organization offers over 58,000 free eBooks of the world’s greatest literature.  These eBooks focus on older works for which U.S. copyright has expired; thus, bringing education and enjoyment from the past to today’s society.

  • Luck on the Wing, Thirteen Stories of a Sky Spy~Elmer Haslett

  • Bedouin Love~Arthur Edward Pearse Brome Weigall

  • Fighting Joe (1893)-Oliver Optic

  • Pride and His Prisoners (1860)~ALOE


Published Works...

In December of 1995, my father passed away from a ruptured aneurysm on his aorta.  At that time, our family consisted of my father and me due to the fact that I am an only child and my mother had passed away four years earlier. 

In 2003, I wrote a memoir that encompassed the emotions and the memories of that day…December 24.  You see, this day is etched in my memory not only because of the suddenness of his death, but also because of the Christmas gift I received from him.  Three hours after his death, a beautiful Christmas bouquet of carnations, chrysanthemums, and roses-my dad’s favorite flowers-was delivered to my home.  Weeks earlier, he had arranged the delivery to be made on Christmas Eve, never realizing how poignant the delivery would be.  Instead of seeing the timing of this gift as a sad coincidence, I viewed it as a very special message…a message from my dad reminding me of his love.

 In 2004, this memoir was published in A Cup of Comfort for Christmas which is a collection of memoirs from across the globe.  This publication is one of which I am very proud!



Ann is a true professional and her passion to support comes through in her work. I am happy we were able to partner on a project, and I would definitely work with her again should the opportunity present itself!

Kenya R. ~  Atlanta, GA

Ann is very professional and punctual in her work, and her understanding of the English language and its many nuances is outstanding. I will certainly work with her again.

Md Samsul B. ~ Australia

Ann was exactly what I needed, great proofreader!

Ann did a great job with this editing job, i'm looking forward to working with her in the future.

Atticus A.

Dirk L.

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Contact me...

10856 Sea Coral Court, Bonita Springs, FL  34135



Errors and Omissions

Ann Downs takes the utmost care with every assignment accepted and strives to provide complete satisfaction to her customers, proofreading all documents to an exacting standard. It is conceivable that on occasion errors will be missed even though a high level of proficiency has been applied. In each case, having exercised such care, Ann Downs shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising by such proofreading. Furthermore, Ann Downs is not liable for incidental, indirect, consequential, special, punitive or exemplary damages, including lost revenues or profits, loss of business, or loss of data. This exemption applies to any claim, loss or injury based on errors or omissions, interruptions or any other inaccuracies. The ultimate responsibility lies solely with the client in every case.